Simple Ways to Hide Apps on Redmi - Ultimate Guide

How to Hide Apps in All Redmi Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Hide Apps in Redmi

If you own a Redmi smartphone and value your privacy, knowing how to hide apps can be incredibly useful. Whether you want to keep sensitive information away from prying eyes or organize your home screen, Redmi devices offer built-in features that allow you to discreetly hide apps. In this article, we'll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to hide apps in Redmi, ensuring your personal data remains private while maintaining a clutter-free user experience.

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1. How to Hide Apps on Redmi-

  1. Open your Redmi smartphone's Settings

How to Hide Apps in Redmi

2. Scroll down and select "Apps"

How to Hide Apps in Redmi

3. Scroll down and select "App lock"

How to Hide Apps in Redmi

Enter your passcode or unlock pattern to access the App Lock settings.

How to Hide Apps in Redmi

4. Select the apps you want to hide from the list.
How to Hide Apps in Redmi

  • Once you've chosen the apps, tap "Hide."
  • The selected apps will now be hidden from your home screen and app drawer.

2. Utilizing the Second Space Feature

Another method to hide apps on Redmi devices is by using the Second Space feature, which creates a separate user profile. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your Redmi phone.
  • Scroll down and select "Second Space" under the System & Device section.
  • Tap "Turn on Second Space."
  • Set up a pattern, PIN, or password for the Second Space.

Once Second Space is set up, go back to your home screen, and swipe down with two fingers to reveal the Quick Settings menu.

  • Tap on the user icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Select "Second Space" from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your pattern, PIN, or password to access the Second Space.

In the Second Space, you can install apps that you want to keep hidden from the primary user profile.

Using Third-Party App Lockers

In addition to the built-in features, you can also use third-party app lockers available on the Google Play Store. These apps offer more advanced privacy options and additional features like intruder selfies and break-in alerts. Here's how to use a third-party app locker:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Redmi smartphone.
  • Search for "App Locker" or "App Hider" in the search bar.
  • Choose a reliable and highly-rated app locker from the search results.
  • Install the app locker and follow the on-screen instructions for setting it up.
  • Grant the necessary permissions to the app locker for it to function correctly.
  • Launch the app locker and select the apps you want to hide.
  • The app locker will now require a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint to access the hidden apps.

Creating Hidden Folders on the Home Screen

If you prefer a simple and intuitive method of hiding apps, you can create hidden folders on your Redmi home screen. Here's how:
  • Long-press on an app icon on your home screen until the "Edit" or "Remove" options appear.
  • Drag the app icon over another app to create a folder.
  • Add the apps you want to hide inside the folder.
  • Tap on the folder to open it.
  • Press and hold the apps within the folder, then drag them to the right until they disappear from the screen.
  • The apps are now hidden inside the folder, accessible by swiping right on your home screen.


Hiding apps on your Redmi device is a practical way to protect your privacy and maintain an organized user interface. Whether you use the built-in App Hider and Second Space features or opt for third-party app lockers, Redmi smartphones provide versatile options for safeguarding your personal data.

By taking advantage of these hiding methods, you can ensure your sensitive apps stay out of sight while still being easily accessible when needed. With Redmi's intuitive interface and privacy-focused features, you can enjoy a seamless smartphone experience without compromising your privacy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is hiding apps on Redmi devices reversible?

Yes, you can unhide the apps using the same methods mentioned in the article. Simply follow the steps in reverse to make the hidden apps visible again.

2. Will hiding apps affect their functionality?

No, hiding apps on Redmi devices will not affect their functionality. The apps will continue to work as usual once you access them using the chosen hiding method.

3. Can I hide pre-installed apps on my Redmi phone?

Unfortunately, the built-in App Hider and Second Space features do not allow hiding pre-installed apps. However, you can use third-party app lockers to hide any app on your device.

4. Will the hidden apps still receive notifications?

Yes, even if you hide an app, it will continue to receive notifications. You can check your notifications in the notification shade as usual.

5. Can I hide apps from specific users on the same device?

Yes, if you have set up multiple users on your Redmi device, you can hide apps individually for each user using the Second Space feature.

6. Will using third-party app lockers slow down my phone?

The impact on performance depends on the app locker you choose. Select a well-optimized app locker to ensure minimal impact on your phone's speed and performance.

7. Can I hide system apps on my Redmi phone?

Hiding system apps can potentially cause issues with your device's functionality. It is advisable not to hide system apps to avoid any complications.

8. Is it legal to hide apps on my Redmi phone?

Yes, it is legal to hide apps on your Redmi phone. App hiding is a built-in feature that allows users to manage their privacy and organize their home screen effectively.

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